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Schoeller Holdings, via its associate companies, is the owner of a large number of container vessels, chemical/product carriers and multi-purpose heavy lift vessels. Our vessels trade either in “earnings pools”, “tramp trades” or are under time charter to major liner and oil companies worldwide.

Schoeller Holdings owns a diversified fleet of 51 vessels comprising of 20 heavy lift Multipurpose vessels, 21 Container vessels, 6 Chemical/Product tankers, 1 Crude Oil Tanker and 3 Bulk Carriers.

Schoeller Holdings is currently modernising its fleet with more efficient modern vessels. Currently a total of 11 newbuilding vessels are on order at a shipyard in China: 7 Heavy Lift MPPs (DF Methanol Ready) and 4 Medium Range, IMO type (II & III), product/chemical tankers.